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To the north and east of Arijiju lie snow-capped mountains, dense forests and sprawling deserts, while to the south looms Mount Kenya. Whichever way you face, it is towards adventure.

  • Join our resident rangers for unforgettable safaris, exploring Borana in 4x4s, on foot or on mountain bike
  • Trek on horseback and arrive at a lavish breakfast of nut loaf and pressed juices in the dappled shade of towering hardwoods.
  • Have close encounters with wildlife along the running and walking trails directly from the house, flanked by guides.
  • Explore the Ngare Ndare forest on a treetop canopy walk and swim in waterfall pools the colour of tanzanite.
  • Heli-drop to fly-fish the lakes of Mount Kenya, explore the dunes at Suguta Valley or traverse the rocks at Kenya’s Northern Frontier.
  • Join rangers to track Africa’s endangered black and white rhino and learn about the conservation efforts that protect them from poaching.
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“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.”
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