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Conserve hero


Open fences and corridors allow for safe passage for animals on migration, while radio collars on elephant matriarchs and roaming lions help inform and divert human-wildlife conflict. As such, Laikipia has emerged as the only region in Kenya where wildlife numbers have increased over the past 20 years.


Arijiju works in harmony with the reserve to ensure long term conservation and create economic opportunities for local communities.

  • Arijiju reinvests any revenue over costs back into the conservancy.
  • Guests support and maintain the elephant migration corridors, lion research projects and the protection of black rhino.
  • 100% of the conservancy fee supports local education, community and wildlife conservation projects.
  • Arijiju aims for sustainability in all aspects and is powered by solar energy.
  • We recycle all grey water, use rainwater harvesting and are completely free of plastic water bottles.
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